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Everything You Need To Know About Color Correcting Tanning

Everything You Need To Know About Color Correcting Tanning

So you’re clued up on the benefits of CC cream for your complexion, but what does color correcting mean in the world of self-tan? Read on for our guide to color-correcting tanning, how it works and how to choose a color base, for your most bespoke tanning result yet.

What is CC tanning?
In the same way that skincare CC creams use colour-correcting technology to even out skin tone and compliment individual skin tones, CC tanning lets you choose a formula designed for your individual skin needs, undertones and desired results. Whether you want a golden finish that compliments your warm toned skin, or a cool ash base that works perfectly for paler skin tones, color correcting tan formulas allow you to make sure your skin finish is tailored to match your exact skin needs.

What should you consider when choosing a base color?
There’s no one-color-fits-all in the world of color correcting tanning! It’s all about a bespoke finish. The two main things to consider when choosing your base color are firstly – what is your natural skin tone and secondly – what kind of tan finish would you like? Do you like a warm golden glow, or do you prefer things cool and ashy?

Choose your formula for a bespoke tan!
Whether you’re looking for a deep, dark intense bronze, or a natural-looking California glow, a Color Correcting tan will make sure your tan is bespoke to your skin tone and desired finish. Here’s our quick guide to MineTan’s Colour Correcting tanning range to help make your decision super easy…


If you want… A classic, beachy golden glow.
The result… Not too light and not too dark, Caramel gives skin a natural-looking sun-kissed warmth.
Works well with… Works on all skin tones, but particularly great for lighter/fairer skin tones.


If you want…That iconic, Aussie sun, sea and surf look.
The result… A super-dark, warm olive bronze tone that amplifies your natural colour.
Works well with… One that’s perfect for all skin tones.


If you want… To look like you’ve returned from a week in the Mediterranean.
The result… Violet and dark brown bronzers help to counteract orange tones to give a rich, warm, super-dark brown skin finish.
Works well with… Complements warm and olive skin tones.


If you want… To look like you’ve just returned from a weekend in Rio.
The result… Counteracting golden tones in your skin, Dark Ash delivers a cool, ashy, super-intense dark brown skin finish.
Works well with… Great for all skin tones, but especially fairer skin tones, or those with a reddish or pinky undertone.

Ready to get your glow on?

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