MineTan | Professional Solutions

Partner with MineTan to treat your clients to a premium spray tan experience and picture perfect skin finish results.

Our spray tan solutions are so much more than light, medium and dark. With the MineTan range of Pro Spray Mists, you can customize a bronze glow based on the skin type, tone and desired skin finish of your client. From a golden sun kissed glow to a deep, rich warm dark tan to the deepest, darkest of all ultra dark self tanners, you can give a professional, customized skin finish your customers will keep coming back for. Including only the best skin loving ingredients, you will be offering your clients a one-of-a-kind skin therapy experience.

Our comprehensive professional offering includes a range of market-leading spray tan machines and equipment for the high quality, precise air brush application. Buy on their own or as a part of one of our spray tan kits featuring our best selling spray tan solutions. We have equipment & kits designed for businesses of all shapes, sizes and budgets.

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Waxing & Hair Removal Products

Our waxes are manufactured in both Australia and South Africa. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to make our waxes, (most other wax manufacturers use Chinese Gum Rosin, which can cause allergic reactions). We don’t think that is good enough! Our waxes are tested to strict quality control measures so you get exceptional results every time.

We know how expensive salons are to run, that’s why our wax comes direct to you from the manufacturer. No middle man means no added charges, so you get the highest quality products for the best value.

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Julienne | Eyes And Brows

Juliet Melouney’s father Raymond, founded Lee-Chem Laboratories in 1962, and as a dedicated family man, he named his first brand after his daughter. There was always something special about Julienne. Strong, beautiful and always dependable, Julienne claimed her place in the cosmetic world, happily welcomed into professional salons.

The ever-popular tints (an unchanged, winning formulation), the convenient and easy-to-use brow pencil (an essential in any makeup bag), a sophisticated glide-on pomade (unsurpassed for beautiful, dramatic brows) and her cutting-edge brow cushion, perfect for naturally stunning eyebrows

With a range of colours to suit all skin tones and an assortment of brow products and tools, Julienne is poised to fulfil her ambition to make New Zealand more beautiful, one eyebrow at a time!

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